Pookie is an assassin who first appeared in Episode 23.

Character Information

Pookie is an assassin who is also one of the members of the Heroes who's job is to protect Townsville from evil. He is very skilled in using his ninja sword and martial arts, and uses the skills he has learned to defend himself from his opponents.


He wore a dark gray bandanna around his forehead and he also had large eyes. In season three and so on, he became a cyborg. He now has two robot arms and black eyes with glowing yellow irises.


Pookie was once one of the five students of the Sword Master. He cared so much about his fellow clan members and even considered them as his family. Him and his clan fought well together and he was always there to lend a hand to his "brothers". One night, Pookie and the rest of the clan were betrayed by The Assassin, and they had no choice but to fight him and kill him. The Assassin killed all of the clan members, however Pookie survived and he swore revenge.


  • Sword Master (Former Master)
  • Zeke (Former Ally)
  • Kurt (Former Ally)
  • Rayzor (Former Ally)
  • The Assassin (Former Ally)